Money Saving Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a house for the first time might not only sound exciting but also a bit overwhelming. As it is a major life decision, it entails a lot of decisions that might be nerve-wracking.

The decision of purchasing a home comes with a process that should be strictly adhered to. From finding a place to securing finances, from initiating an offer to signing a deal, it is not at all an easy process.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to the money-saving tips a first time home buyer must stick to before moving ahead with the final decision:

Study the market
Thoroughly study and analyze the market before confirming a decision. As house-buying is a milestone in life, this decision must be well-thought. This will give you an idea of the market rates and what the dealer is charging at the time of the final negotiation, thereby giving you the best price.

Create a saving account
Before hopping around the market for a house, make sure that you have a completely independent account for this purpose. Try not to make use of these savings. The more money you save here, the lesser the loan amount later on.

Define a budget
Defining a budget before the buy helps in additional costs that come attached with the main cost like down payment, escrow fee, insurance, property tax, and so on.

Low-interest rates
Choose a bank that offers low-interest rates to allow easy home loans. A deduction on one end is an addition on the other. These small savings will later add to substantial ones in the future.

Sign a contingency clause
Make sure to sign a contingency clause before finalizing the decision. This will help you to get back the money you used to secure the property(the earnest money) in case of any fall-through.

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