Points to Consider Before Finalizing on a Property

After searching for a long time, you have finally found the perfect house. Everything seems perfect. The super-built is excellent; the carpet area is just great, amenities are all top-notch, and it is the ‘dream house’ at first sight. And this exactly is your cue to step out of the zone, calm your mind and think on these essential yet very crucial points before making life-altering decisions.

1. Check your fund status
While you search for your perfect abodes in different locations, keep the fund status in check. You may want to invest in a property using a home loan- wherein it is essential for you to calculate all the bank offers, interest rates, instalments and other expenses beforehand. It is a good idea to know and have a clear understanding of what all options are available.

2. Investigate the builder’s profile
Before investing in a project, investigate the builder’s past works. If possible, visit their other projects in person and see the quality of construction. Search for their most recent project- were the deadlines met? What do the residents have to say about them? Internet is the perfect place to begin your investigation.

3. Enquire about the bank tie-ups
Many builders join hands with several banks and other financial solutions to make home loans readily available to homebuyers. Enquire if any such mediums are readily available to you and thoroughly understand the pros and cons.

4. Check the neighbourhood
While you are at the site, take a good look around. Maybe say a little ‘hello’ to your potential neighbour. It will help you understand the type of neighbours you will be having. Determining the neighbourhood is a crucial step for security reasons and is often overlooked.

5. Connectivity in the locality
Before buying a home in any area, always check for connectivity. Is it convenient to commute? Look for the distance between the nearest train station, bust stop, airport and so on. Always ensure that the locality is well connected and all the important places such as hospitals, schools, shopping complexes and universities are nearby.

6. Security around the property
Your home is the safest space for you and your family. Double-check and ensure strong security around your property. If your property is housed in a township, chances are you are already provided with ’round the clock security. It is always a great idea to investigate the crime rate in the locality before buying a house.