Why the 30s are truly your best years to buy your first house

While growing up in an Indian family, the dream of having your own house seeps in naturally. As a child, we day-dreamt of home big enough to fit all our friends, family, extended family, pets and everyone we love. By the time we step into the real-life, the dream of a big home has solidified into an aspiration of owning your own warm space, welcoming all.

But what is the “right time” to invest in this space? When should you manifest this dream into reality? Well, we suggest that your 30s are the best time and here is why:

Professional Stability
In the third decade of life, most have already attained professional stability. One has a clear understanding of their goals and is in line with their expectations from themselves. A steady income and clear mind supports the dream of owning a home and makes the process easier. It is a long-term commitment and requires paying installments on time.

Wiser at managing funds
In your 30s, the impulsive desires are at a halt. Every rupee spent is well thought and invested with the idea of returns. This calculative mindset works the best in your favour when buying a home. You can easily manage your EMI Installments and everyday expenses hassle-free.

Adequate savings for a down payment
Usually, the dream of owning a home starts young. Combined with savings and calculated expenses, most people would have saved enough money to make a down payment for their first property till they reach their 30s.

Facilitating step-up EMI
When you seek a home loan in your thirties, then step-up EMI is a solution available to you. It is amongst the best loan repayment policies for young loan borrowers. Step-up EMI allows you to make gradual increments in your monthly EMI installments, which means the initial payments are lower. You can increase the amount in the later years as the income grows.

Longer repayment tenure
When you buy your first home in your 30s, you get a reasonably long time to repay the home loan. There is a high chance that you might be able to repay the entire home loan within the working tenure, helping you save more for the after years. However, it is essential to understand that the longer you will have to repay the installment, the more interest you will have to pay. Hence, it is crucial to opt for a tenure that allows you to pay off the loan comfortably without spending a lot on interest.

Higher ROI
If you buy a home early on, it gets adequate time to witness a rapid swell in the price graph especially, if the property is amidst the developing area of the city. Other factors are contributing to the value addition of the price as well.
If you are an individual in your 20s dreaming of owning a home, this is the time to get started. Begin with savings for the down payment of your house and start the scavenger hunt for your home. However, finding the perfect abode takes a lot of market research and advanced knowledge about the property and area.

That’s why the 30s are considered the best time to own a house. Learn more about your options, talk to our real estate experts.