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Discover the gateway to prime retail real estate in Indore with Sunil Agrawal and Associates. As leading real estate consultants, we specialize in curating a portfolio of the most sought-after properties for retail expansion in the city. Our expertise extends beyond listings – we provide complete handholding to clients, guiding you through the process of selecting, finalizing, and acquiring the ideal retail space.

With an in-depth knowledge of Indore’s dynamic market, we bring you a selection of properties strategically positioned to maximize foot traffic and profitability. When it comes to securing your retail future, trust the experts at Sunil Agrawal and Associates.

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SAA Helps You in Getting the Right Retail Space


Lease, rent or buy

We help in all the types of deals, be it lease, rent or buy. Retail stores need a high amount of liquidity to maintain the stock; thus, discussing the entire financial situation with our experts will help you evaluate the right approach to starting retail.

Identifying the Location

Retail stores need footfall, so choosing an appropriate business location for retail store is a task. Trust our experts for this. Just share your details, and we will do all the leg work for you.


Invest in retail real estate

If you are an investor and want to invest in an appropriate commercial property to get a good rent, then connect with us. We will give a perfect solution. Indore is the commercial hub of Madhya Pradesh and has immense opportunities for investors.

Modern Retail Spaces

Keep up with the ever-changing experiential and consumer-driven retail industry by evolving your retail space. Upgrade to a store that enhances the experience of a buyer. Our team will help you find the most advanced and equipped space for your store.

Facilitate your customer

24×7 Security, camera surveillance, parking space, valet parking, fully air-conditioned space, kids’ soft play zone, etc., are common attractions people seek, and modern buildings are planned to provide all such amenities. Connect with our team and find an ideal space for your retail business.

Negotiation & Financial Guid

We wisely negotiate before the deal and ensure you get the correct rates for your retail property

Best Retail Properties in Indore to Invest

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Collaborate with our team of experts to turn your business vision into reality. Explore Indore’s premier retail spaces with us.

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