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Business is all about credibility

As we believe- trust is a big word, and it plays a vital role in every aspect of a business. We value our customers, and they trust us. That’s how we move forward. We understand that it is our responsibility to maintain trust, and that’s why we think about you at every step of decision making. We ensure that the properties are legal, undergo a deep background check and hold good names and value in the market. That’s when we put the SAA trust seal and present it to you. Here is what we do to ensure 100% legal compliance:

Legacy, built over trust

Property Verification

Before taking up a project, we do a thorough investigation of the property. We make sure that it is up to the mark with all legal compliance and formalities with nothing pending under its name.

Builder background check

Trust is by both the property and the people who created it. We ensure that we know everything necessary about the builder, their previous works, how they stand in the market, legal reputation and credibility.

RERA compliance

All the projects we take adheres to RERA Compliance. RERA protects the interest of the homebuyer, ensuring timely delivery of property. It makes sure you get the return for the money you are paying at every step of homebuying.

Bank and loan approval

Here, we make sure that the builder has all the necessary approval and documentation needed to prove the capability and authenticity of the property.

Local approvals

Whatever legal approvals are needed, say from the local police station, we ensure that the property builder has done that.

We don’t take up projects that don’t adhere to all the above factors.

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