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Operating as an inidividual in Real Estate can be risky but sharing the task with a team can make it more manageable, Assosiates can pool their resources and split the responsibilities, reducing the risk for each individual

Each asscociate can bring diverse perspectives and experiences related to any project to the table. This can result in better outcomes for the overall business for each one involved.

The Projects we take on are exclusively handled by a single team of associates. This avoids the usual confusion and  mis-information regarding the project when is handled by multiple brokers. We stay in the loop making sure to have all the inventory information and know-how of each and every project, right from the sale of units to its registry.

With unrivaled market experties and a rigorous understaing of the realty trends, any project that the team undertakes, receives proper advertising and marketing support. This hepls in building the right imagery for the project, thereby helping you sell it with ease and confidence.

Sunil Agrwal & associates have been in the realty business for more than three decades. They bring on table a rich experience and expertise in media selection and media buying which is an integral part of any Real Estate project marketing. All the associaties stand to gain from these insights.

The industry we work in runs on long-terms relationship of trust and confidence. Creating real brand value in hearts of associates requires contants efforts and one of them is TIMELY BROKERAGE. We adhere to the best practices of  prompt brokerage and payments.

The best of system are deployed in the working at Sunil Agrwal & Associates. Our Custumised CRM software ensures that the best of services are offered to any incoming enquiry. Our team guides potenial customers through any and every steps of their real estate buying/ investment journey.

Why Partner With Us

Sunil Agrawal and Associates, your trusted real estate consultant in Indore. Central India’s real estate market is undergoing a transformative phase, driven by increasing demand for housing, office spaces, and retail properties. With urbanization, rising incomes, and favorable government policies fueling this growth, it’s the perfect time to join forces as business partners.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a vast portfolio of prestigious projects, personalized support, and cutting-edge resources. Don’t miss your chance to shape the future of real estate while reaping remarkable rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits to becoming a SAA channel partner. These include:

  • Earning a commission on all sales you generate.
  • Having access to SAA’s marketing materials and training.
  • Working with SAA’s team of experienced professionals.
  • Building your own real estate business.

As a SAA channel partner, you will be able to sell SAA’s real estate services to your own clients. You will receive a commission on all sales you generate, and you will have access to SAA’s marketing materials and training. You will also be able to work with SAA’s team of experienced professionals, who can help you close deals and build your own real estate business.

To become a SAA channel partner, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a valid business license.
  • Have a proven track record of sales success.
  • Be able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Be passionate about real estate.

If you meet these criteria, you can contact SAA through their website or by email to express your interest in becoming a channel partner.

Click here and fill the form with valid contact details. Our team will get in touch with you to verify your business information. Once all the application formalities are completed you will become an eligible SAA channel partner.

The commission structure for SAA channel partners is based on the type of property sold and the amount of the sale. Channel partners will receive a percentage of the sale price of each property they sell.

The commission rate will vary depending on the type of property and the amount of the sale. For example, channel partners may receive a higher commission rate for selling a high-value property than for selling a lower-value property.

When a channel partner generates a lead, they will be assigned a SAA sales representative. The sales representative will work with the channel partner to close the sale.

The sales process will vary depending on the client and the property. However, the sales representative will work with the channel partner to understand the client’s needs and to find the right property for them.


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