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Everyone someday plans to buy a home or make one of their own. But no one is alien to the idea of how important homes are. Though the bridge between your dream and reality can seem long when you are starting. There is always a way out, and that’s us. Where to begin? What to do? Whom to consult? What shall be my budget? There is a chain of questions that every homebuyer has. That’s why we at Sunil Agrawal and Associates walk hand in hand with you at literally every step of homebuying. Starting from deciding what to buy to until you start living in it. Here are those steps we want to walk with you:

Site visits and walkthrough

We don’t believe that you should blindly trust a location, or in fact, what we suggest. You have to make that space your own, and you must know how it is. That’s why we provide free site visits and a complete walkthrough of the properties, as per your wishes.

Deals and negotiations

Who does not negotiate with the builder, right? But it can be taxing, and appropriate knowledge is essential to seal the deal. We help you to negotiate with the property owner and ensure you get the best deal. You are always our priority. 

Buying and loan documentation

Undeniably there is documentation to be taken care of to ensure everything proceeds legally. But don’t worry, we will help you through that also. We will ensure we are with you in fulfilling all formalities. 

Registry and legal compliances

Once your loan is approved, you need to get the property registered under your name, ensuring all legal compliance. We help you and make this process swifter and easier for you. 

Ensuring project completion

I know there are doubts like, what if I give my money and there is a project delay? No worries, we ensure that all our properties are Rera approved. Also, we provide that you get your home at the promised time. 

Possession and key handover

We won’t sit back until you get the keys to your house. We are not leaving you unless you tell us- “We got it.” Our customers are our priority, and we repeat this mantra all over again. 

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