Consumer Survey 2024

Consumer Sentiment Survey

    1 In the present scenario, which of the following attributes are important to you when buying a home?

    2 Other influencing factors for your property purchase decisions amid COVID-19?

    3 Which is the best asset class for investment amidst COVID-19 outbreak?

    4 Given an option, will you buy property for end-use or an investment?

    5 What stage of property would you prefer?

    6 What is the budget for your investment?

    7 What BHK-type and size are you looking to buy?

    8 Where do you intend to buy your property?

    9 With several activities being restricted within societies amid COVID-19 & infused lockdowns, which are the most important amenities you would prefer in new housing societies?

    10 With whom would you like to deal for real estate?

    11 Thank you for giving your participating in survey. Please share following details to submit the form:

    Your insights will help us understand what influences your decisions in the real estate world. Please take two minutes to share your experiences and perspectives, contributing to our understanding of buyer behavior in real estate.
    Lucky participants can win exciting prizes worth Rs.10,000*/-

      2 What is your gender?

      3 Which age group do you fall into?

      4 In your opinion, what is the best asset class for investment ?

      5 When considering real estate, do you primarily purchase properties for end-use or investment purposes?

      6 Do you have a preferred stage of construction when considering a property ?

      7 What is your ideal budget range for a real estate investment?

      8 How many bedrooms (BHK) do you prefer in a residential property?

      9 As a homeowner, what specific demands or features are important to you in a property?(Choose maximum 3 options)

      10 What location preferences do you have when it comes to purchasing real estate?

      11 Thank you for giving your participating in survey. Please share following details to submit the form:

      Terms and conditions:

      1. Participation in this survey is voluntary and open to individuals only.
      2. Each participant is allowed to complete the survey only once. In case of multiple submission, last submission will be considered.
      3. Participants must provide accurate and genuine contact details to ensure that our team can follow up if necessary.
      4. Incomplete or duplicate surveys will not be considered for analysis.
      5. The information collected through this survey is solely for the purpose of understanding consumer behavior in the real estate market.
      6. No confidential information will be requested or collected.

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