Hotels and Hospitality

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Having a successful hotel, leisure or hospitality business in Indore is a big challenge, and we are here to support you at the foundation level by helping you in choosing the right property.
Indore is a city of foodies, and let's together hit the right chords at the right place to rule the hearts. Be it a hotel, cafe, restaurant or resort, we ensure that you remain amongst your target customers by choosing the perfect location and ideal commercial property for you.

How can we help you?

Investigate the marketplace

Determine the best market and property to invest in based on your vision and current and forecasted trends. Get advice for the highest and best use of land or built environments.

Strategic investment advice

Examine key market and property trends. Get accurate property appraisals and advice to help you optimise the value of your hotel portfolio while reducing risk.

Purchase the real estate and raise funds

Find investment possibilities that fit your criteria, obtain financing at a reasonable rate, and receive contract review and due diligence assistance. When refinancing an existing investment, you can get a lower rate.

Develop, design, or refurbish

Create a welcoming, practical venue for visitors. Ensure that every aspect of your project is well handled, from cost management to vendor selection. Bring your ideas to life. Our team can assist you in vendor selection.

Finding your dream place
isn't a challenge anymore