Things to keep in mind while buying property in Indore

Indore is one of the smartest cities of India, witnessing a rapid development and an enhanced quality of living. It offers a clean and sustainable environment with an easy lifestyle. Having your own space in such a comforting environment is the grand Indian dream each one of us has dreamt. So, as you grow closer to making this dream a reality, consider these points:-

1. Location
While buying a property in Indore or anywhere in general, understanding the location is a primary need. Thoroughly examine and explore the site to see if the schools, hospitals, bus stops, train stations, airports, and shopping complexes are in convenient proximity. Also, investigate the rental and resale value of the property.

2. Facilities
If your dream home is a part of a township, enquire about all the facilities provided. At large, almost all townships offer the luxe amenities such as a clubhouse, pool, gym, play areas, and more!

3. Security
Your home is a safe place for you and your family, looking at the security of the space is crucial. Always ensure checking the crime rates in the neighbourhood and understanding the security procedures.

4. Paperwork
Checking and completing the paperwork is a must-do for you to acquire undisputed ownership of the property. Always ensure that you’ve received all the documents with the authorised signatures and have the required permits, certificates and receipts.

5. Budget and Aids
Buying a house is a dream for many. It takes years of savings, hard work, persistence and patience to own the dream home. While you hunt for your abode, you might feel a need to seek a loan. Hence, keeping tabs on all the financial aids available to you is advisable.

6. Carpet Area
Before sealing the deal, understand the carpet area of your space. A carpet area is exclusive of the staircases, shafts, wall thickness. It denotes the space you’ll be living in. Having a clear idea of the super built-up area and carpet area will help you decide better.

7. Greenery and Ventilation
Having a green area and proper ventilation in your home can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Always ensure that your home gets adequate sunlight and air coming in. Having a lush green space at your house or in the township is always a breath of fresh air- Literally!

8. Fittings
Many a times, homebuyers do not realise that fixtures, such as electric fittings, doorknobs, bathroom fittings etc., are a part of the deal. So, while you explore your dream abode, ensure that all these fixtures satiate your expectations and the price.