Celebrated the most awaited event of the year! The Emerald Anutham Possession Party.

Sunil Agrawal and Associates (SAA) celebrated the most awaited event of the year 2021! The Emerald Anutham Possession Party. Have you ever heard of such a celebration? Our possession party was an event where we gave timely possession of our premium residential facility- Emerald Anutham, to our customers. Together and in person. There were around 150 now-residents who received in-person possession by Sunil Agrawal and Associate’s (SAA) Managing Director, Vipul Agrawal, on December 5th.

It was not a mundane, ordinary party! We had fun-filled activities for all the residents. We played games with kids and adults, had delicious food together, bonded over hearty interactions, and clicked memorable pictures. The get-together allowed the residents to come together as a family. No wonder! Many had already started meeting up for picnics and social meets.

Pictures from the event

Testimonial of customers

Here’s a little bit about our Project, Emerald Anutham:

They are smart residential plots that are prepped up for customers with all pre-construction requisite amenities that give significant community benefits. This includes plantations, street lightings, double- gated security, smooth and wide roads. Each plot is sized 850-1200 sqft at an affordable price. The project is located within the perimeter of Bicholi Mardana, henceforth offering ready luxe community living. As a cherry on the cake, all essential urban amenities, viz. school, clubs, resorts, daily need stores, hospitals, are in the vicinity.

We are so happy that our SAA family is growing.
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